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Have you ever wondered what "the universe" really is, or longed to hear a creation story that may actually be true, or asked yourself how we humans fit into the cosmos or whether we are insignificant or alone? Today a deluge of data from the distant never-before-seen universe is making it possible to answer these deep questions scientifically. Cosmology - the study of the universe as a whole - is in the midst of a scientific revolution, and what is emerging is humanity's first understanding of the universe that might actually be true.

The View from the Center of the Universe presents new ways of wrapping our minds around the universe, and does so without math or jargon, so that we can all take part in this extraordinary revolution. The book helps launch what will be a great cultural task: developing language and imagery that we can all use to grasp our universe viscerally, to talk about it accurately, and to appreciate what a new universe may mean for our personal lives and for our planet. Please join the conversation!

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Joel Primack
Joel R. Primack

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The View from the Center of the Universe