Nancy and Joel links:

Nancy's music website

Joel’s home page at UCSC

Joel's Relativity Game

Joel’s video interview on cosmology and culture

Nancy and Joel’s articles on cosmology and culture

Other links of interest:

University of California High-Performance AstroComputing Center, Directed by Joel 2010-201

Excerpt from National Geographic TV “Inside the Milky Way” featuring Joel

Joel’s Bolshoi Cosmological Simulations website

Assembling Galaxies of High Resolution (AGORA) High-Resolution Simulations Comparison Project, co-led by Joel


Multimedia presentation:

Nancy and Joel’s multimedia presentation October 25, 2006, at the NASA Research Park, NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA, is now available on DVD (with amazing high resolution astronomical videos) from

Watch it here: NASA-Ames-Lecture.mp4 (PLEASE BE AWARE: THIS IS A 303 MEGABYTE DOWNLOAD AND WILL THEREFORE TAKE MORE THAN AN HOUR TO COMPLETE. This clip will play on video iPods and on any computer using Quicktime). If you would like ten or more copies of the DVD at $6 each plus postage, please contact:
Nancy (
or Joel (


Links to online videos used in the multimedia presentation:

Voyage to Virgo Cluster

Hubble UDF zoom-in

SDSS map galaxies

LCDM simulation videos

Links to other websites:

Some of Joel’s former PhD students: Brandon Allgood, F.A. (Sander) Bais, James Bullock, T. J. Cox, Ricardo Flores, Jon Holtzman, Patrik Jonsson, Jeff Greensite, Kim Griest, Ari Maller, Scott Olivier, Rachel Somerville, Risa Wechsler

Some of Joel’s other collaborators: George Blumenthal, Silvio Bonometto, Avishai Dekel, Sandra Faber, Anatoly Klypin, Jennifer Lotz, Andrei Kravtsov, Richard Nolthenius, Frank von Hippel

Friends doing complementary work: Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow The Great Story, Brian Swimme, Paul Davies, Beyond Center






The View from the Center of the Universe