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The View from the Center of the Universe was picked by NPR's "All Things Considered" as one of ten summer reading selections for 2006. It is the first science book choosen for the summer reading selection in at least five years.

Alan Cheuse 2006 Summer Reading Selections

Heading Towards Space...
And now let's head for the outermost limits of space, if there are limits. Prominent American astrophysicist Joel Primack and his writer wife, Nancy Abrams, offer a fascinating new book-length rumination about the meaning of the universe and our role in it. The View from the Center of the Universe takes on big questions: the nature of time and our place in the cosmos (bigger than we might imagine, they suggest). They remind us, in case we've forgotten, that we're made of stardust.

Listen here: Click on red Listen button at top of page. Book review plays during 8:35-9:50 of the 12 minute 54 second audio segment. Aired Friday, June 9, 2006.

NPR's excerpt from the book's Introduction chapter here


Eye on Books with Bill Thompson

10:30 minute interview with Abrams and Primack

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BBC Material World, recorded in London 11 October 2006

15 minute interview with Abrams and Primack by Quentin Cooper

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Leonard Lopate on WNYC, New York Public Radio

40 minute interview with Abrams and Primack
May 19, 2006

Listen here (Includes links to audio of interview, in Real and MP3 formats)


Seth Shostak SETI Institute radio program "Are We Alone?"

Interview recorded May 8, 2006, aired July 12, 2006.

July 12, 2006
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The Universe in Theory

There are a few important things we know about the universe - it's 13.7 billion years old, it was once smaller than the head of a pin, and it's expanding at a pace that becomes more breakneck each second.  But in theory, our cosmos could hold many more surprises.  Join us as an astrophysicist argues that the universe has a meaningful message for humans who, despite Copernicus, occupy a special place at its "center."  Also, could the discovery of life elsewhere throw religion into a tailspin?  And why the wacky laws of quantum physics not only ensure that an electron can be in multiple places at once, but might be keys to both quantum computers and -- possibly -- teleportation.

Paul Davies, a theoretical physicist and cosmologist at the Australian Centre for Astrobiology at Macquarie University
Joel Primack, a physicist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and Nancy Ellen Abrams, science writer -- authors of The View from the Center of the Universe.
Marcus Chown, a science writer and author of The Quantum Zoo


Milt Rosenberg on WGN Chicago

90 minute interview recorded April 27, 2006

Listen here | website listing here


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